Pay It Forward Ideas

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.– Maya Angelou

First of all, why do we have to Pay It Forward?

Forbes once wrote about what we should be kind to others and the answer is: “Over time people who do good deeds develop a friendly and joyful personality that attracts and magnetizes those they associate with and brings kindness their way.”

Huffington Post has an article titled “5 Researched-Based Reasons to be Kind” which can be summed up into being true to our nature, positive effects on brain, lower risk of dying, contagious, and makes us happier.

Below are 14 Pay It Forward ideas you can do (some are harder than others):

  1. Smile at everyone you pass today, some people will think you’re nuts but that’s okay 😉
  2. Send a positive text message to five people
  3. Take flowers to senior citizens in your nearest hospital or nursing home
  4. Leave a box of goodies in your mailbox for your mail carrier
  5. Buy extra dog/cat food and bring them to your nearest animal shelter
  6. Forgive someone who has hurt you in the past
  7. Leave quarters at the laundromat
  8. Leave a waiter/waitress the biggest tip you can give
  9. Put quarters in candy machines at grocery stores, stand back and watch the priceless excitement when you see a kid who gets it
  10. Write a former teacher/professor who made a difference in your life
  11. Give a warm coat to a homeless person
  12. Buy food or coffee for the person behind you in line
  13. Know your apartment or office security and cleaning lady by name and greet them by name
  14. When checking out at a grocery store, ask your cashier what his/her favorite candy is and buy it for him/her


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