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Give a hand-up to a family in need. At the Pay It Forward Foundation, our core beliefs are rooted in helping our neighbors up when they are down.

Our goal is to have 100% of your donation go directly to families in need. While we currently run at 98%+ we are striving for more corporate sponsorship to guarantee that 100% of your donations make it to families in Ohio.

Ohio Families Need You! Many of us on the committee/board have fallen on hard times throughout our lifetimes and what inspired us to found Pay It Forward Foundation were the uplifting random acts of kindness that those around us demonstrated. While it was completely humbling and absolutely uplifting to receive a kind word or assistance from someone that you can do nothing for in return, it is especially humbling and uplifting to receive assistance from someone that is struggling like you. Bottom line, its good to know that we are all in it together.

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